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Our work is characterised by a strong emphasis on making well designed, energy efficient, and sustainable buildings.

Buildings need energy for heating, lighting, and sometimes cooling. MAS is able to computer-model this energy consumption. Our software enables us to test alternative designs for buildings so that they will provide a comfortable environment in the most energy-efficient way possible.

For most existing buildings we undertake energy surveys & detailed analysis to find the most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency.

MAS can also calculate the carbon footprint of an existing or proposed building, enabling us to devise further cost-effective savings across a whole range of activities for both individuals & organisations.

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Case Study: 51 Clive Place, Penarth

We thermally modelled the existing building in Ecotect and checked the calculated energy consumption against the actual consumption for a typical year. Then we modelled some changes until we got to the standard that we'd decided to achieve, and now 18 months later we can see how accurate that modelling was.

We estimated £500, (for all the space and water heating, appliances, cooking, and lighting), and in the first twelve months the electricity bill was £480.

The Solar panels on the roof will also earn us about £250 a year from the Feed-in-Tariff for the next 20 years, and for another 6 years we'll earn over £1000 a year from the Renewable Heat Incentive because we installed an Air Source Heat Pump.  

We can do the same for your building, existing or proposed, large or small, and use the computer modelling to choose the most cost-effective way of achieving the energy standard that you want and how much is enough.

You can also read more about the choices that we made at Clive Place on the Super-homes web site.

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