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MAS is an architectural design practise based in Penarth, near Cardiff, in south Wales. Our projects cover the community & housing, residential & commercial sectors. Our work is characterised by a strong emphasis on making well designed, energy efficient & sustainable buildings.

Why Choose MAS Architectural Design?

Sustainability is simply about making our buildings, & lifestyles, more comfortable, while using less energy. Done well, sustainable design can generate savings in both construction and running costs - & when the time is right, it can improve your sale price.

We can help you make informed decisions about design, construction methods, materials, & energy consumption, so that you can have the building that you want, that works well, & that looks good.

We have a wide range of projects based in the UK, France & Ireland, ranging from a 6 star "Code for Sustainable Homes" housing project & barn conversions, to small extensions. Our range of architectural services can help transform your initial ideas into a finished building.

For more information, take a look at our projects, contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone or text: 07753 700 712, or by completing our contact form.

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Nigel Humphrey MSc
Architectural Consultant

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MAS Achitectural Services, Penarth

Clients Testimonials

“Nigel achieved everything we asked for, and much more. His design transformed the way we live in the house. There were some beautiful design details which it took me a while to see but I now really appreciate the thought and effort which went into them.”

Ewan Caldwell

“I knew that you’d turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.”


“The house was dark and cold, without any views to the garden. Nigel’s design turned the house around. I now have a light and warm house and couldn’t have better visual and physical links to the garden.”


“Nigel converted our substantial 1880s semi- into a house comfortable for modern living for an elderly couple. Above all, he turned the dark kitchen and utility rooms into an innovative sunlit quasi-conservatory kitchen-cum-dining area with garden views.”


“We really enjoyed the process of working with you. We feel that you listened to us very carefully and that you then added so much creatively to turn our requests into a beautiful design. The political rants are obviously an added bonus!”


“We own a Victorian house in Redland, Bristol. MAS redesigned our kitchen dining area into a very workable and sympathetic space. An old extension was replaced by an imaginative, well insulated, well lit and airy space that has transformed our day to day living. Some 5 years on it still looks great. In Winter the broad windows mean we can look out on the garden. And as soon as Spring arrives we roll back the sliding doors and the garden becomes part of the kitchen. The new design has greatly improved our lifestyle and the value of the house!”

Keith Hicks

Quite amazing how a simple piece of good design can change your day to day lifestyle. I now work at my kitchen table with doors pulled back making me feel I am in the garden. We now virtually live in our kitchen it is such a light and airy place to be, and yet very well insulated in winter. We had originally thought of moving but MAS transformed our current Victorian home into something very contemporary at a fraction of the cost of moving. We've also saved on our heating bills.

Nikki Hicks


MAS Architectural Design
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MAS Architectural Design
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